Finding Emails is a very boring task as you all know and it can also make you more frustrated when you want it urgently.
Not able to find the right email address can also impact your marketing plans as well . There are many reasons that you are not finding the right  email address
One reason is that you are doing it the wrong way and the other reason is you need the right help.
To avoid this problem and make your process easy there are many Email finder tools that can help you find the email address by the name of the company. With the help of an email finder tool you can easily find the right email address as per your needs.
In this blog post we will talk about how you can find an email with the company name using many ways . Let’s look at them .
How to find an email address with the company name?
Using Search Engine
Google is the most popular search engine all over the world . Whenever anyone wants any answer or want to find anything people usually open google and try to look for it .
People also use it to find email address of people . Since google is always collecting data and keeps crawling it sometimes is able to show the email address that you are looking for . This can sometimes help you by using advance search operators like Brackets and colons
But this does not work every time and results are different on every page ,
Hence it is not a very reliable way but can help you manage small things .
Using Email lookup Tool
Email lookup tools also known as email finder tools are another and the best way to find the email address using company name or using any other criteria like domain name .
A right email lookup tool will help you to research all the relevant email addresses to get you a good and a useful need so that you can contact them and make a good deal .
Such tools are very fast and can help you to speed up your work easily .Using them is not boring and tiring as compared to doing things manually .
Most good tools are not free and one should have a subscription to use them . But if you are looking for a tool that gives features of a paid tool and too for free then you must try using Grapout .
Grapout is a very useful and easy to use tool that can help you in finding email,phone number etc and help you to grow sales as well
Look through social media
Another way of finding an email address is to go through social media platforms of the company or the specific person you are looking for .
Every person every firm is now active on social media for their online presence which makes chance of you finding the right client very high .
Going through platforms like linkedin , facebook ,twitter and instagram can help you find the related data , name and email address .
This is again a manual way of finding the email and can also be tiring . This also might not always work . Which make using an email finder tool the best option of performing this procedure
Using an email lookup tool can help the business perform their duties easily and in less time . this can lead to growth of the business and also allows you to get good connection with you customers .
So if you are ever willing to find an email address using a company name then Grapout is the solution


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